News & Events ~ Program of Gabriel Talks 2016 commencing Monday 23rd May 2016

mother and child 003Please join us to hear our speakers address topics of importance to anyone interested in child development. This program of Gabriel Talks is free to the community, and is held in the Phyllis Hore Room, Kew Library, Corner Civic Drive and Cotham Road Kew, at 7.30 p.m. Information: 0413 120 345


Monday 23rd May, Annette Batchelor “Caring for the Sick Child at Home”

Knowing how to support our children through sickness and imbalance can turn illness into a powerful ally for child development. Annette will provide an overview of the meaning of childhood illness, sharing insights to support home care and reduce the fear and uncertainty surrounding ill health.

Annette Batchelor is an experienced Anthroposophic Naturopath currently working in the Yarra Valley.  Working with individual development in health and wellbeing, Annette has a particular interest in working with parents to support the healthy unfolding of the child.



Monday 30th May, Paulene Hanna, “The Importance of Movement in Early Childhood”

Let us revisit the state of childhood by putting ourselves in the shoes of the energetic and inquisitive child.

In viewing the world through the child’s eyes, with freshness and without expectation, every life experience has important potential.

In discussing this topic together we can begin to understand that the child’s free exploratory activity is not only wholehearted – it involves the whole body.

The theme of our exchange will be around the child’s need for freedom of movement.

Paulene Hanna is an early childhood teaching professional who, though retired from daily teaching practice in Steiner education, is actively involved in mentoring and supporting teachers and parents. Paulene works with the challenge of an increasingly fearfully orientated community, which lacks the time and space for children generally. She supports parents to understand their children’s behaviour and to enjoy the blessings that being with children offers. Paulene is passionate about the promotion of child- initiated, free play as a means to a healthy foundation for later learning and life.



Monday 25th July, Terri McMillan, “Technology  and its impact on early childhood development- a challenge for our times.”

Today we live in a world dominated by rapidly advancing technology. Some of us are comfortable with, and grateful for, such advances. Others of us feel overwhelmed at the pace such development has taken and struggle to keep up.

Directly and indirectly, children are being exposed to such technology , and at an earlier and earlier age. But what do we really know about the effects of technology and screen time on the well being of children? How does it impact a child’s emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioural development, influencing their capacity for creative and imaginative play? And what of the impact of screen time on family life and therefore the development of healthy human community?

Terri McMillan is a teacher of thirty years experience in a Steiner School and five years previously in the State school system. She has a strong interest in and commitment to supporting healthy child development, at a time when childhood is being shortened in a climate of consumerism and materialism.



Monday 22nd August, Jules Ward, ‘The Art of Homemaking’

A presentation in pictures and words on the art of creating a home, that nourishes your family.

We will explore topics including:

  • What are the elements that make a home?
  • What does this look like in different households?
  • How can we create a home life that supports the development of young children?

Jules Ward is the Playgroup leader at Little Yarra Steiner School and the founder of Little Seeds, a parent support group auspiced by the Gabriel Trust.