The Gabriel Conversation Groups

Exploring parenting and the life of the young child, based upon the work of Rudolf Steiner.

The Gabriel Conversation Group offers parents of very young children from birth a place to share their experiences of parenting, enjoy morning tea and support one another.

  • Inspiration and sharing
  • Support and discussion
  • Companionship and morning tea 

Parenting is one of the great joys of life, but also brings its challenges! In the Conversation Group, new parents find inspiration, a sense of community and a place to recharge ourselves with good company, a coffee and a laugh.

Be part of a community

The Gabriel Conversation Group is parent focused. During our sharing together we have wide ranging and rich discussions about issues of interest, including pregnancy, child development, breastfeeding, sleep routines, post-natal care and wellbeing.

We are joined by an ‘elder’- a mother and grandmother who has supported new mothers for many years, and who provides guidance for our conversation, to explore Rudolf Steiner’s recommendations for the young child.

Please see as follows a list of conversation topics we will cover in the group. Of course our meetings will reflect the interests of those in the group, and all suggestions for themes to explore are welcome. On the weeks when there is no topic listed we will do a check in or continue a topic from a previous week, or follow the lead of relevant texts where the focus lies on deepening our understanding of ourselves, our children and the world around us.

Topics for discussion by week and term:

TERM 1- the term may include guest speakers.

  • First Gabriel Conversation Group of the year
  • Where we come from, our roots, getting to know each other in the group.
  • Why be a homemaker?
  • Open conversation
  • Introducing solids to the young baby and child
  • Open conversation
  • Sleep and creating healthy rhythms
  • Easter discussion/ Natural cloth dying.

TERM 2- the term may include guest speakers.

  • First Gabriel Group
  • Warmth and the young child
  • Open Conversation
  • Coughs and Colds and the young child
  •  Open conversation
  •  Open Conversation
  •  Colour
  •  Mid Winter discussion

TERM 3- term may include guest speakers.

  • First Gabriel Group
  • Open Conversation
  • The Four Temperaments, Family dynamics and motherly and fatherly roles.
  • Open discussion
  • Media and the Young Child
  • Spring Celebration

TERM 4- term may include guest speakers.

  • First Gabriel Group
  • The 12 Senses
  • The 12 Senses continued
  • Tantrums, tears and tiredness
  • Open Conversation
  • Advent- preparing for Christmas.

The Gabriel Conversation Group currently meets at:

  • The Michael Centre Library, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood Friday mornings from 9.30-11.30 am.
  • Contact Jessica Moraes for details: 0415 291 172

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