Dollmaking for nourishment and support

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‘Dollmaking for nourishment and support’

Dollmaking workshop: SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER 2017.

A beautiful and artistic way to express love and loss.

We invite bereaved women to join us for the ‘Dollmaking for nourishment and support’ workshop, offered by the Gabriel Trust to support women who have experienced the loss of a child, either as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth, or due to other circumstances in infancy and childhood .different-skin-dollies

Dollmaking is a beautiful, simple and nourishing artistic activity. In this workshop, we will each craft a doll in a supportive and gentle atmosphere.

Through this hands-on, practical and creative exercise of making a doll, bereaved women have an opportunity to express and focus their grief, loss and love, and in this process, find some comfort.

In lovingly stitching, shaping and bringing a doll into form, we invest our innermost self.

The doll becomes a simple but deeply felt gesture of love toward the child who has not survived.doll-made-of-wool-blanketing

This event is auspiced by The Gabriel Trust, which was established by Joan Salter, a Maternal and Child Health Nurse with a deep commitment to supporting mothers and healthy child development.

Emotional support will be offered through Sands Victoria. Sands Victoria is a service that offers support 24/7 for parents whose baby has died through miscarriage, stillbirth or other circumstances resulting in newborn death (support line number: 1300 072 637).


No craft or sewing experience is necessary.

We will share morning tea and lunch together.table-up-close

When: SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER 2017.

Please be on time as we will need every minute to make our doll!

Where: The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood, VIC 3134

To apply for this workshop: Register

Cost: no charge.

For further information: Tiffany  9876 1092 (Monday-Thursday) or 0413 120 345