Community Talks

The Gabriel Talks- 2018 program

Nurturing childhood, based upon the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. A series of free public talks

The Gabriel Talks enter their 14th year, with a stimulating and nourishing series of free public talks offered from May- August. See the program at the end of this page for details.

These talks evolved out of the work of Joan Salter, an anthroposophical maternal and child health nurse, who established the Gabriel Baby Centre in 1976. Joan’s books “The Incarnating Child” and “Mothering with Soul” remain in print as essential reading for new parents.

The program of talks offers an opportunity to explore the life of the young child, and the great joys and challenges of parenting in the context of the picture of the human being given by Rudolf Steiner.

Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds, and share their expertise and experience in early childhood development working from the spiritual picture of human development given by Rudolf Steiner, and aim to provide inspiration, information and support.

The Gabriel Talks generally address topics relating to the building blocks of healthy child development, as well as the myriad parenting issues and questions which arise:

  • Rhythm and routine
  • Creative play and imagination in a world of technological pressures.
  • Protection of the senses.
  • Caring for the sick child
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep from birth to the teenage years.
  • Creative discipline.
  • The importance of storytelling, literature, songs and verses for children.
  • The journey of parenting, including stress management.
  • Communicating with children and teenagers.
  • Festivals, family life and home making.

We are also open to your suggestion for topics!

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Gabriel Talks 2018: ‘Wholistic Family Life’

Eight evenings of workshop/talks with Cheryl Nekvapil

 The Gabriel Trust will offer eight workshops titled “Wholistic Family Life”, based upon the Parent Training Programme developed by Kirsten Schreiber* and Christoph Meinecke**, which are inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s work, and are congruent with contemporary studies and research.

UPDATE: Registrations have closed for this course. If you would like to register for this for 2019 please email me your contact details.

Cheryl Nekvapil helped bring this programme to Melbourne and worked closely with the founders during its delivery in 2016.

Each session consists of social exercises and games, reflection on the experiences, information on aspects of parenting focussing on early childhood, stepping forward into parenting our children today and tomorrow; learning through ‘social technologies’ lights up delight and insight – this is enlivening as well as instructive.

Participants will receive a manual translated from the German edition.

Topics covered include:

What does a human being need:

  • the four homes
  • what unsettles me, what unsettles the child, what security does my child need.
  • what can we do to en-joy parenting, to be less troubled; questions and reflections.

How do I become human:

  •  the development of the child in the first three years (walking, talking, thinking) and how does this influence later life.
  • the development of the will and the inner disposition of the educator.
  • The senses: how can we care for the senses and protect them from over stimulation.
  • How do the senses influence our behaviour.
  • My own biography, the child in me, the influence this has on being a parent.

Where: St Kilda Steiner Kindergarten, 435 Inkerman Street, St Kilda East, behind the church (kindergarten is off Inkerman Street, tucked away)

 When: Monday evenings from 7.30-9.00 pm.   Term 3: 30 July, 6th August , 13th August, 20th August.

Term 4:  8th October, 15th October, 22nd  October, 29th  October

There is no charge to join this program, however interested participants are asked to commit to the entire course.

To register for these workshops please email your contact details (name and phone number) to:

Contact Tiffany at the Gabriel Trust on tel. 9876 1092 or 0413 120 345 or Petra on behalf of St Kilda Steiner Kindergarten on mobile: 0417163490.


* Social worker and manager, Partner-and family therapist, music therapist at Familienforum Havelhoehe (Berlin).

** Medical doctor for children and youth, Psychotherapist, Anthroposophical medicine (GAAED), Founder of the Familienforum Havelhoehe (Berlin), School doctor in Stuttgart and Berlin.

About Cheryl Nekvapil:

 As a qualified physiotherapist, Cheryl Nekvapil developed and provided ‘natural’ birth preparation courses for women opting for home birth in Canberra over 10 years, and also supported women during childbirth. Joan Salter’s approach to babies and mothering profoundly influenced Cheryl’s work as she had attended the Gabriel Centre with her first baby. Since then, she has worked for many years in Steiner Schools — teaching in early childhood, working in school administration and adult education, providing pastoral care and student wellbeing support.