News & Events ~ Integrated study course for parents, informed by the insights of Rudolf Steiner

A parenting program developed from the insights of Rudolf Steiner will be offered in Melbourne from Tuesday 5th July to Friday 8th July.

This program is offered by its founders Dr Christoph Meinecke, Cristina Meinecke and Kirsten Schriber, from the  Familienforum Havelhoehe in Germany.

This integrated study course  addresses the following themes:

What does a human being need:

  • the four homes
  • what troubles me, what troubles the child, what security does my child need.
  • Practical session: what can be do to be less troubled, less worried; questions and reflections.

How do I become human:

  • the development of the child in teh first three years (walking, talking, thinking) and how does this influence later life.
  • the development of the will and the inner disposition of the educator.
  • The senses: how can we care for the senses and protect them from over stimulation.
  • How do the senses influence our behaviour.
  • Practical session: senses.
  • My own biography, the child in me, the influence this has on being a parent

How am I as a human being:

  • relationships, bonding and communication.
  • what makes/creates a relationship, what does a relationship need, how does this find a place in every day life.
  • Practical session on relationship, bonding and communication.
  • Rules and setting limits between rigidity and arbitrariness, daily structures, rituals and consequences.
  • Practical session: dealing with rules and consequences.
  • Partnership and being a parent, how does that work together.
  • Practical session: resolving conflict and the culture of dispute/disagreements.
  • Review, reflection.


Christoph Meinecke: medical doctor for children and youth, psychotherapist, anthroposophical medicine, founder of the Familenforum Havelhoehe, school doctor in Stuttgart and Berlin.

Cristina Meinecke: trained in curative education, experienced in anthroposophical parent education, early childhood and support for mother and child.

Kirsten Schrieber: social worker and manager, partner and family therapist, music therapist.



Sponsored by the Ligsma Kirpe Trust.

Dates: Tuesday 5th  July to Friday 8th July 2016 from 9.00 am-5.00 p.m.

Cost: $450 (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included)

Venue: Sophia Mundi Steiner School, 1 St Helier’s Street, Abbotsford.

Registration: Tatjana Samson- or Cheryl Nekvapil at